Anthony B. Brennan, Ph.D.

Professor Brennan earned a PhD from Virginia Polytechnic Institute in Materials Engineering Science in 1990.  He is past Margaret A. Ross Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and Professor in Biomedical Engineering. He received an honorary Doctor of Science from the State University of New York in 2012. Dr. Brennan is co-founder and Chief Technology Officer for the start-up company, Sharklet Technologies, Inc. that uses his patented technologies. His research is focused on biomaterials with emphasis on the design, fabrication and characterization of biointerfaces, which mimic natural occurring surfaces.  These materials, which include a variety of bioneutral and bioactive materials, are chemically modified to facilitate the study of the interactive nature of both physical and chemical stimulation by substrates on cellular function. His industrial experience in biomedical devices includes materials design, selection, characterization and manufacturing processes including extrusion, injection molding, blow molding, fiber processing and various other thermal forming processes of plastics, metals and ceramics. He has mentored 32 PhDs, 35 MScs and 5 Post-doctoral fellows. He has also published 1 book, over 150 refereed articles, book chapters and abstracts and 18 US patents, 8 international patents and 10 applications pending. Prof. Brennan served as Chair of the Faculty Senate and is a Trustee-emeritus of the University of Florida.  He and his wife Kathy, who have three children and two grandchildren, reside in Gainesville, FL.