Congratulations Dr. Ha Nguyen

Published: April 6th, 2017

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Dr. Ha Nguyen’s publication entitled “Copolymerization of lactones and bioaromatics via concurrent ring-opening polymerization/polycondensation,” was highlighted as The 2017 Green Chemistry themed “hot articles.” Dr. Ha Nguyen was awarded 2nd Place for the International Eastman Graduate Student Award presented at the Cellulose and Renewable Materials Division of the American Chemical Society at the National ACS Meeting in San Francisco, April 5, 2017. {Cell Division honors two outstanding graduate students each year for excellence in cellulosic chemistry research. This is a broad field. Relevant research topics include the biosynthesis of biomass, natural fibers, innovative conversion or separation processes, value-added or novel products, paper and textiles, and the development of new analytical techniques for cellulose. The first place winner of the Graduate Student Award receives $1,500. The second place winner receives $750. In addition, both winners receive up to $500 for travel expenses, a certificate and complimentary banquet tickets.}* Congratulations to Dr. Nguyen.  *Extracted from Program for Cellulose & Renewable Materials (CELL) Division Dinner & Awards Banquet, April 4, 2017.